Lamino easy chair

Design of Yngve Ekström

Lamino is Swedese's most well-known easy chair, made of molded and layer-glued veneer, signed Yngve Ekström. The easy chair is a life's work and the result of a constant search for simplicity and the perfect sitting curve. Lamino is a typical example of timeless design, where nature's own material and careful craftsmanship are attractive today as well as for generations to come. Lamino was awarded as the furniture of the century by the magazine Sköna hem and is found in hundreds of thousands of homes in Sweden and the world. When Yngve designed the armchair in 1956, he did it with humans as a starting point, which makes it as pleasant to sit in as it is to look at. Lamino can be upholstered in sheepskin, textile or leather and is available in several different types of wood and surface treatments. Within the Lamino family there is also an stool, a table and a children's version called Lamini.

Furniture Fact
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Sheepskin, Scandinavian grey
Product details
Article nr
Seat height
41 cm
101 cm
70 cm
7 kg
Yngve Ekström
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Yngve Ekström was both. An autodidact from the countryside, with inspiration from local crafts, at the same time culturally interested in international and urban role models. Yngve himself traveled to the furniture fair in Milan and came home almost feverish with impressions and inspiration. He also made sure that everyone at the factory shared his impressions of the wider world and took the entire staff group on trips abroad with many cultural experiences. During the 60s, 70s and 80s, the trips went from Vaggeryd in Småland to, among others, Athens, Venice, Cortina and Paris. There is an appeal in the city's wide range and dense spaces. The curiosity and the drive that Yngve had is something that we want to capture and therefore Swedese sometimes launches our most popular easy chair as the Lamino Edition, versions and limited editions as a tribute to the legacy of Yngve. It can be to draw attention to special occasions in our history, but also in the form of artistic collaborations that become limited elements in our assortment. Some examples of Lamino Edition are Lamino by Nudie Jeans Co, Lamino X Lab La Bla: Shape-shifters, Lamino X Konstfack, Lamino Edition 2022 – Homage to the city.