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A contemporary selection to be cherished

We create furniture for life, inspired by both urban environments and the Nordic natural landscape.


We love to see our products find their part in a greater whole, where they can meet people’s needs in terms of function, convenience, beauty, relaxation, socialising and work. Because we consistently create contexts that are tailored to people, we ensure that we are always thinking long-term and considering both immediate needs and the needs of the future.

The Wood sofa by Monica Förster is characterised by simple lines and a distinctive wooden frame.

Our Swedese Home Collection highlights a selection of our products for the home. A mix of timeless classics from our early years, much-loved products that have been added to our range recently and exciting new products, all with a future ahead of them.

As its name suggests, the Pillo Easy Chair is inspired by a pile of soft pillows.

Savoa by Sakari Hartikainen has an organic design language that is typical of Swedese.

The Savoa Table is created with superb craftsmanship and an ecological mindset. The table has a sculptural form that showcases the properties of the wood. The challenge is in achieving the feather-light visual aspect of the piece while maintaining the strength of the structure.

The Grace Chair is available in different versions, each of them comfortable and with an unmistakable design.

Stella'smany colours and variations mean it will always fit in – in your home office as well as in public spaces.

Libri looks like a ladder leaning against the wall but it's a shelf, intended as an invitation to you to be involved in the design process. On its own, it could be a sculpture. Duplicated, it can become an entire bookshelf wall, or a room divider.

The Comma Mirror challenges ideas about shape. It's a circle, and yet it isn’t. Closed, but at the same time open.

Teatime, by Claesson Koivisto Rune, is an elegant serving trolley with a detachable tray. Also pictured is the Pile lamp, created by Matti Klenell for the new Nationalmuseum in Stockholm.

In the 1950s, many architects worked on blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Yngve Ekström found inspiration for his outdoor furniture when studying dish drainers that could easily withstand large volumes of water. The graceful garden furniture series Desirée came into being.

With its clear design language, Desirée is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Home Collection